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Call for Papers

Economic, Technological, and Societal Impacts of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


The entrepreneurial ecosystem research to date has identified a range of actors that contribute to the vibrancy, sustainability, and viability of such ecosystems. The extant literature in this field has shed light on some of their activities, contributions, and approaches they have used participating in entrepreneurial ecosystems. The creation of competitive advantages and value is thereby usually concentrated around a number of central actors. Due to the coexistence of new ventures, small and medium sized as well as large firms as well as universities and research institutions within such ecosystems, respective agglomerations have to be governed and organized to enable efficient knowledge flows and value creation processes within these ecosystems that may have economic, technological, and societal impacts resulting from spillover effects.

Respective ecosystems are yet not only characterized by their actors but also by their inherent factors and resources. Well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystems have public, private, and philanthropy expertise and resources to support value creation for economic and/ or societal benefits. Thus, not only the technological and social but also the economic environment constitutes an essential determinant shaping and influencing entrepreneurial activities within these ecosystems. There has also been a growth in virtual ecosystems that are changing industry and ecosystem boundaries. Some of these virtual ecosystems are open and others are closed. Such virtual ecosystems enable high frequency trading, change how economic value is distributed as well as induce spillovers with respect to technology ecosystem pathways and for society.

This conference focuses on how actors within entrepreneurial ecosystems seek to influence and shape their competitive positioning within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also focuses on the core motivations of entrepreneurial ecosystem actors in seeking competitive positive positioning and on how these actors use their influence for their own ends and that of technology and society. Our focus is also to explore how new open virtual ecosystems and their platforms are established to have immediate and long-term intended and unintended economic, technological, and societal impacts. Moreover, we want to explore how economic, technological, and societal impacts are incorporated into foresight activities of entrepreneurial ecosystem actors. We are further interested in studies focusing on specific characteristics of entrepreneurial ecosystems such as university-industry relationships, clusters as well as underlying theoretical foundations such as the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship. We invite theoretical and empirical studies taking different methodological approaches from a variety of discipline perspectives to explore the different dimensions impacting entrepreneurial ecosystems. We also welcome conceptual papers that explore the theme of this conference.


Particular areas of interest but not confined to include

  • Ecosystem Competition
  • Disruptiveness of Open Virtual Ecosystem
  • Competitive Positioning of Ecosystem Actors
  • Managing Expectations and Achievements of Ecosystem Actors
  • Individual Ecosystem Actors and Managing Impact
  • Governance and Ecosystem Performance
  • Constrains on Economic, Social, and Technology Ecosystem Impacts
  • Role of Policy Making in Shaping Impact
  • University-industry collaborations
  • Cluster formation and externalities
  • Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship


Details on the submission process and important dates and deadlines can be found on the submissions page.