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The Impact of Regional Industries and Universities on (High) Technology Entrepreneurship

Hülsbeck, Marcel, and Elena N. Kitzinger

Unternehmensführung und Organisation Working Paper No. 03-11, 2011-09-15

Abstract: Similar to the creation and distribution of new knowledge through industrial R&D and university research, entrepreneurial activity tends to vary across regions. Therefore the regionalized production of new knowledge is a prerequisite of entrepreneurial innovation. Based on endogenous growth theory, in particular the so-called Griliches-Jaffe-Model of regional knowledge production, we investigate industrial and university characteristics as determinants of technologically oriented entrepreneurship. Using hand-collected data from multiple sources, our results clearly show that high technology entrepreneurship is highly dependent on regional knowledge production by industry and university, while medium technology entrepreneurship does largely not dependent on these factors.

Presented at: Annual Meeting of the Technology Transfer Society 2011, Augsburg. Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research 2012, Regensburg.

About the Authors: Marcel Hülsbeck and Elena Kitzinger, Chair of Management and Organization, University of Augsburg, Germany.