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Research Seminar Advanced Business Intelligence


For this seminar, please apply in Digicampus.
Instructions can be found HERE.


Goal of this seminar is to give you the chance to experience real scientific life in the field of business information systems.


As this is an advanced seminar we expect that you have sufficient experience in scientific writing and presenting in English.


According to the guidlines of a Call for Papers in small groups you will look for participants with similar interests, built a research team and write a conference paper self-directetly. This will be peer-reviewd by other participants. After that you will improve your paper according to the recommendations of the reviewers, resubmit it and give a final presentation.

Call for Papers

You may already start to develop your own ideas for scientific investigations that fit to the following Call for Papers:

Advances in information and communication technologies, data explosion and information overload, employee turnover, and the need for organizations to better utilize their intellectual capital have led to increased interest business intelligence (BI) domains. With massive amounts of information being added to corporate databases and the Internet every day, effective and efficient knowledge discovery and its management has become imperative. Thus, organizations are increasingly motivated to develop systems to leverage their knowledge and information for intelligent decision making and competitive advantage. These include diverse technologies ranging from internal organizational social media applications, to corporate yellow pages; social computing tools and web analytics, to advanced web mining systems. 

Yet, there is much that remains to be understood about BI systems such as how to develop the justification for these systems, dealing with different kinds of knowledge, integrating with existing systems, enabling processes and structures, and assessing outcomes in different organizational contexts. The purpose of this track is to explore managerial, technical, and behavioral issues relating to BI systems including strategy, design, development, and outcomes. We welcome that employ diverse methodologies and philosophical perspectives to significantly advance our knowledge in these areas.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Human factor in BI systems
  • Shortcomings in decision-making
  • Personalization of management support
  • Contribution of BI systems to lifelong learning and self-organization of managers
  • Potential of new technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence, for BI systems
  • Requirements analysis for BI systems
  • Evaluation of benefits and risks connected with BI systems
  • Value of management information
  • Benefits and dangers of new technologies for management support
  • Visual Analytics
  • Using Serious Games/Gamification for the improvement of BI systems

Learning Results

After successfully participating in this seminar the students are able to:

Functional skills:

  • remember an overview of selected research topics concerning Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • describe selected deepened knowledge about management support systems

Methodical skills:

  • motivate a research project convincingly
  • define valuable research questions
  • delimit a research object clearly
  • do a meaningful peer review

Interdisciplinary skills:

  • identify problems in complex systems orderly
  • define clear goals

Soft skills:

  • develop solutions in small groups on own initiative
  • define roles in research teams
  • communicate target-group specifically (in written and oral form)
  • reflect successful actions as well as mistakes self-critically

Further Information

You will find the following issues in Digicampus:

  • Teacher
  • Dates and locations
  • Application