Introduction to Production and Transportation Planning

Titel: Introduction to Production and Transportation Planning
Dozent(in): Dr. Christian Gahm
Termin: see Digicampus
Gebäude/Raum: see Digicampus
Ansprechpartner: Dr. Christian Gahm

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Production and transportation planning are essential elements of Supply Chain Management aimed to fulfill customer demands most efficiently. The course starts with a general introduction to Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning. The students will be made familiar with basic terms and concepts of both. Afterwards, students will learn which planning problems in these areas exist, how specific planning problems are analyzed and structured, and with which advanced planning methods the corresponding planning/decision problems can be solved. The used planning methods from the field of Operations Research are first introduced theoretically and afterwards applied within examples. Their application will be further deepened by exercises.
After the course, students will know about the overall planning contexts and interdependencies as swell as the most important planning tasks of both areas and will be able to apply advanced planning methods to fulfill the planning tasks.


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