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Bachelorseminar Innovation & International Management (englisch) - [WIW-0235]

Type Seminar
Term WS/SS
Course Instructor
Content Theme/topic in winter term 2019/2020:
"Aspects of entrepreneurship in international business"

Current topics in Innovation and International Management:

  • Management case studies
  • Paradox of Diversity Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Competitive Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
  • International Entrepreneurship

In each semester different themes are offered. They are announced at the beginning of the respective semester.

Changing current topics in management, innovation and international business – examples from past seminars are:
- Management Case Studies
- Paradox and Diversity Management
- Creativity and Innovation
- International Entrepreneurship

Participation requirements
Prerequisites for attending the seminar:

Priority is given to those students who have successfully completed both lectures.*

The course has limited capacity. Application is required. Information about application procedures can be found on the cluster website.

*The prerequisites apply to GBM students in so far as compatible with the valid examination regulations.

After successful participation of this module, students are able to analyze chosen theoretical concepts with regard to self-developed criteria. Furthermore, they are able to apply management approaches for decision making to practical examples and to use presentation techniques.
Appraisal of achievement
5/6 CP
Oral Presentation (about 20 minutes)
Term Paper
Minimum grades for passing the class: 4.0 in both presentation and term paper.