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About Augsburg


Founded in 15 B.C. by the Roman emperor Augustus at the confluence of the rivers Lech and Wertach, Augsburg is one of Germany's oldest cities. Especially during the Renaissance, Rococo, and the era of industrialization, Augsburg played a leading role in Europe. Today it is the third-largest city in the state of Bavaria with a number of famous personalities born here, including the merchant and banker Jakob Fugger, the composer Leopold Mozart and the writer Bertolt Brecht.

Augsburg Today

Today, Augsburg has about 290,000 inhabitants. The city of Augsburg is attractive for tourists, both because of its carefully preserved buildings, monuments, museums, and churches, and because of its vibrant cultural scene. The peaceful old town with its narrow alleyways, canals, and bars together with the busy squares and shopping precincts in its renaissance charm, create an enchanting Mediterranean atmosphere that explains why Augsburg is also referred to as the northernmost city of Italy.

The Maximilianstraße, a boulevard in the heart of the city, represents the center of Augsburg's nightlife. In this magnificent street, located in downtown Augsburg, you are able to encounter plenty of bars, clubs, cafes and discotheques, offering a variety of choices for everyone.

The Augsburg image clip (3:25 minutes) gives a nice impression of the city (watch here).

rathaus_augsburg Regio-Fuggerei1 Regio-Maxstrasse_Nacht
City Hall Fuggerei Downtown Augsburg