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Cisalpino Institute for Comparative Studies in Europe

The CISAlpino Institute for Comparative Studies in Europe (CCSE) is an international, nonprofit and independent institute dedicated to the commercial, social and political relevance of the cisalpino regions. Having strong common historical roots, these regions have a great deal in common and play a leading role in their countries, strongly influencing the European development.


The CCSE is based on a co-operative agreement between the University of Bergamo and the University of Augsburg aimed at fostering scientific collaboration, also by intensifying the exchange of researchers. The agreement welcomes new partners willing to share the strategic view of the Institute and its purposes. Other universities in the cisalpino regions are expected to join, with the aim to act as a facilitator of high value-added relations among the organizations and institutions present in the territory.


The CCSE brings together academics, policy makers and practitioners from all over the world for discussions to exchange knowledge and ideas, to improve our understanding of European countries, recognizing the importance of cooperation among different communities. Being located in the heart of the European Union, the regions on the two sides exhibit the highest growth rates, welfare and well being in Europe. This makes the cisalpino region one of the most attractive and the CCSE, by fostering comparative studies within countries and regions in Europe, tries to improve our understanding both of the common features of these areas and of how and why countries and regions in Europe differ, how regions are shaped by these differences and how we can learn from each other to shape our common future in the best ways.