Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Objectives of the Cisalpino Insititute for Comparative Studies in Europe


The guiding mission is to study the performance of markets and institutions in different Countries and regions within Europe and their interrelation within the context of a global economy. The comparative approach is the distinctive characteristic of the CCSE, with a prospective open to various competences and fields of study.

The CCSE applies a plurality of methodologies, with a clear focus on theory based empirical research, and favors cross-national comparison methodologies, which are advantageous in uncovering the unique features and unconscious assumptions that possess our vision when we study only a single Country.


Our goals

To conduct high quality applied research

The CCSE acts as an intermediary between university research and the general public by applying theoretical knowledge to practical policy based on high quality empirical research.


  • To train junior researchers and students
    As a part of its academic research, the CCSE devotes great effort to the training of highly qualified researchers and students, providing mobility opportunities and access the international job market.

  • To provide policy and managerial advising
    As regarding itself as a think-tank for politics, administration and economics, the CCSE aims to provide exceptional advising, consulting and/or guide-lines.

  • To foster cooperation
    The CCSE stimulates cooperation opportunities at a broad level in the area of knowledge-based economy, higher education and researchers’ mobility.

  • To substantiate knowledge transfer
    CCSE research findings are disseminated and distributed national and international wide. Knowledge transfer is guaranteed by publications in academic journals, workshops and conferences but also reports in the mass media.