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Workshop: National Systems of Entrepreneurship

National Systems of Entrepreneurship
in co-operation with Small Business Economics Journal

20th - 21st 2014, ZEW, Mannheim (Germany)

Organizers: David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann, Georg Licht

Keynotes: Professor Zoltan J. Acs, London School of Economics and George Mason University; Professor David B. Audretsch, Indiana University; Philipp McCann, Groningen University, and Scott Stern, MIT;  

Overview: The aim of this conference is to bring to the forefront issues related to the National Systems of Entrepreneurship.

National Systems of Entrepreneurship (NSE) are fundamentally resource allocation systems that are driven by individual-level opportunity pursuit, through the creation of new ventures, with this activity and its outcomes regulated by country-specific institutional characteristics. In contrast with the institutional emphasis of the National Systems of Innovation (NSI) frameworks, where institutions engender and regulate action, National Systems of Entrepreneurship are driven by individuals, with institutions regulating who acts and the outcomes of individual action (Acs et al,   National Systems of Entrepreneurship, Research Policy, 2014). This approach also differs from most of the entrepreneurship literature where institutions are largely silent.

The aim of the conference to compare NSI with NSE, to explore various institutional, legal, and national developments that affect the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the creation of new firms, their rate of success, and their contribution to economic development.