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Chair for Statistics

The Chair for Statistics explores mathematical and statistical models and procedures for the formulation, analysis and solution of data-assisted problems with regard to planning, coordinating and decision processes which occur in the fields of business administration and national economy. An emphasis is placed on the fields of “Game theory” and “Finance”.

Excellent evaluation results and various prizes (Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Lecturer of the Year) are proof of our outstanding teaching standard. Our scientific excellence further manifests itself in numerous national and international publications which have appeared in renowned finance magazines.

Basic Studies

In our main study course students acquire methodical basic knowledge and may attend the courses “Statistics” and “Decision theory”.

For acknowledgement of study credits in the fields of statistics and mathematics, please contact lecturer Dr. Michael Krapp.

Advanced Studies

The main study course offered by the Chair of Prof. Bamberg explores the interface between quantitative methods (such as statistics, mathematics and econometry) and finance, which is absolutely indispensable in daily practice.

On 1 October, 2007 the special subjects of the main study course were reorganised and regrouped in clusters. The Chair for Statistics has been integrated into the cluster “Finance & Information”.

The courses offered within the framework of the main study course may be contributed towards the cluster “Finance & Information” and “Economics & Information”. For questions please contact lecturer Dr. Franz Baur.

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Chair for Statistics
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