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Chair of Prof. Dr. Erik E. Lehmann

Welcome to the webpage for the Chair of Management and Organization at the University of Augsburg. As our name suggests, our Chair focuses our teaching and research on the managerial and organizational aspects and implications of business and economics in both the domestic and international spheres. Of particular interest to our Chair are the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate governance, family firms, knowledge spillovers, regional competitiveness and public policy, among others. With flagship programs such as Global Business Management, our Chair is always keen to acknowledge the widespread impacts of globalization and internationalization. In realizing the modern context in which the field of management and organization exists, our Chair embraces a diversity of people, thoughts and ideas in everything that we do. This is reflected in our research, our teaching and our programs.

International Courses

We offer the following courses taught in English:

(Summer semester = S, Winter semester = W)



Cases in Strategic Management I: Principles


Cases in Strategic Management II: Smart Region Development


Global Perspectives of Public & Private Sector Interaction I



Global Perspectives of Public & Private Sector Interaction II


Corporate Governance: Research

S & W

Corporate Governance: Concepts


Strategic Leadership



Please see the English language version of our research webpage here.



For general inquiries please contact Jonah Otto.  You can find his professional webpage here.