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Article on multichannel pricing by Julia Vogel and Prof. Paul accepted for publication in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

The article “One firm, one product, two prices: Channel-based price differentiation and customer retention”, by Julia Vogel and Prof. Paul, has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. The study tests the impact of channel-related price differentiation instruments on customer retention using a laboratory experiment and analytically investigates feasibility conditions. Results show that channel-based price differentiation positively affects customers through perceived value but harms retention through price unfairness and limited self-determination. The mobile communications retailer in this study would require 5.1% lower operating costs online to ensure its profitability. These results indicate that multichannel retailers should carefully select their price instruments and meet the feasibility conditions.

The article is available here.

message of 12.08.2015