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Successful two-day doctoral workshop on text analysis

From January 13 to January 14, Prof. Stephan Ludwig from University of Surrey (UK) visited the University of Augsburg to give a doctoral workshop organized by the Chair for Value Based Marketing. The eighteen participants came from the University of Augsburg, University of Mannheim, and University of Passau.

The primary purpose of this workshop was to take the participants through the necessary steps from conceptualizing and designing to finally publishing a study in marketing using text analysis. In the beginning, a theoretical introduction covered the general background of text analysis and its rising importance. Then topics such as data collection from the web, post-processing of text-based web data, and tools for annotating and analyzing those data were addressed. To apply and increase their newly obtained skills, the participants also had the chance to work on several practical assignments and Prof. Ludwig was readily available to answer any questions including participants' own research projects.

We really appreciate that Prof. Ludwig shared his deep knowledge on text analysis with doctoral students and would like to thank him for an exciting and insightful two-day workshop.


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