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Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Walsh (University of Jena)

As part of our master course "Advanced Services Marketing", Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Walsh (Chair of General Management and Marketing, Friedrich Schiller University Jena) gave an interesting and insightful guest talk.
Prof. Dr. Walsh is among the 1% best researchers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland according to the “Handelsblatt”. In the course of his lecture, he presented two current research projects, which focus on the psychological mechanisms that underlie differential perceptions of group service failures versus individual service failures. An important finding was that proactively framing a service failure as a group failure leads customers to accept lower compensation. Apart from the talk, Prof. Dr. Walsh and Prof. Dr. Paul exchanged thoughts and viewpoints on current research and potential ways to cooperate.


message of 15.01.2018