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Dr. Martin Mende and Dr. Maura Scott (Florida State University, USA) gave a two-day doctoral workshop on experimental consumer research

From May 14 to 15, 2018, Dr. Martin Mende and Dr. Maura Scott from Florida State University (USA) gave a doctoral workshop organized by the Chair for Value Based Marketing. The fourteen participants came from the University of Augsburg, University of MainzUniversity of Jena, and University of Passau.

The focus of this workshop was on experimental consumer research as a major area of the marketing discipline. Experiments on individual decision-making have often provided marketing scholars with a fresh perspective and sometimes caused them to rethink prior findings grounded in a paradigm that proposed rationality as the guiding principle of human consumption behavior. Therefore, the main purpose of the workshop was to provide an introduction and overview of some major, selected research topics in consumer behavior. Since the research of the two focuses among other things on transformative consumer research, a part of the workshop was also devoted to this research area. The participants dissected articles on consumer behavior and transformative consumer research and discussed them in depth. After giving presentations on current research ideas, the participants benefited from comments on the experimental method and considered how the results of the articles discussed may help enrich their research.

Prior to the workshop, on May 14, both additionally gave talks as part of the Cluster Strategy & Information's research seminar. Dr. Martin Mende’s talk was entitled “How Humanoid Service Robots Influence Consumer Experience and Consumption” and Dr. Maura Scott gave a presentation on “Cash or Credit? How Consumers Pay Can Influence How Others Judge Them”. We really appreciate Dr. Martin Mende’s and Dr. Maura Scott’s insights and input and would like to especially thank them for an exciting and insightful two-day workshop.

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