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Prof. Paul gave a talk about corporate gifts at the GWW e.V. Summermeeting in Wiesbaden

On September 13, 2018, Prof. Paul presented his thoughts on the effectiveness of corporate gifts at the GWW e.V. Summermeeting in Wiesbaden. Initially, he clarified the still valid relevance of corporate gifts as a marketing instrument to create brand awareness and goodwill. Subsequently, he gave an overview about the most important findings in research and practice on this matter. In the further course, he focused in particular on his study published in the renowned Journal of Service Research, in which he and colleagues investigated the insufficiently researched relationship between the use of corporate gifts and financial performance of companies. He closed his talk with the discussion about current challenges and opportunities regarding corporate gifts.

2018-09-27_GWW Summermeeting 2018_Paul

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