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(CX) Customer Experience along the Customer Journey:
How Is It Measured? How Can It Be Implemented?




Prof. Dr. Michael Paul and Markus Gahler, together with Dr. Jan F. Klein (Department of Marketing, Tilburg University, Netherlands), received a research grant from the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) for their research project on measuring customer experiences along the customer journey. The MSI supports the project as part of a research initiative on customer experience. The project is organized, conducted, and supported within the Institute for Digitization Research and has won the Best Paper Award at the 10th SERVSIG Conference.

Providing a superior customer experience along the entire customer journey has become a strategic priority for companies. While existing research addresses the customer experience construct on the conceptual level, little is known about (a) how to measure customer experience in a structured and holistic way, and (b) how firms can implement customer experience measurements in an accurate, but efficient way along the customer journey in real time. In this research project, these two research gaps are addressed by developing a robust and implementable measurement tool that captures the diverse aspects of customer experience along individual customer journeys. The measurement tool enables firms to include customer experience as a key performance indicator in their marketing dashboard.