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Measuring Customer Experiences:
A Text-Based and Pictorial Scale




Prof. Dr. Michael Paul and Markus Gahler, together with Dr. Jan F. Klein (Department of Marketing, Tilburg University, Netherlands), received a research grant from the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) for their research project on measuring customer experiences. The MSI supports the project as part of a research initiative on customer experience. The project is organized, conducted, and supported within the Institute for Digitization Research and has won the Best Paper Award at the 10th SERVSIG Conference and the 2018 AMA Summer Academic Conference in the track "Understanding & Managing the Customer Experience".

Providing superior experiences for customers is a strategic priority, yet companies and researchers lack a measure that quantifies customer experience (CX) from a customer perspective in an omni-channel environment, assesses CX in an accurate but efficient way (e.g., in mobile surveys), and predicts customer satisfaction and loyalty. To address these shortcomings, this research project provides two reliable and valid scales: one text-based and one pictorial. The text-based scale is especially suitable for research under (semi-) controlled conditions (e.g., large-scale surveys, lab experiments), and the pictorial scale is particularly suitable for companies and field studies (e.g., tracking customer experiences in mobile surveys). Both scales enable firms to include CX as a key performance indicator in their marketing dashboard.

Preliminary research results have been published in the Marketing Science Institute Working Paper Series 2019, Report No. 19-119.