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Services Marketing: Case Studies (Seminar) – Master iBWL

After the successful participation in this module, students are able to understand current theories, methods, and managerial tools of services marketing. In particular, they are able to apply research methods and managerial tools to solve case studies and are able to create novel managerial insights in a services marketing context. Students are able to integrate information and to deal with complexity and limited information. They are able to acquire knowledge, information, and skills independently and to write sound case reports. Students can apply their knowledge on methods and managerial tools to several business problems beyond this module. Overall, students are able to conduct case study projects in a largely autonomous way and to clearly defend their position towards managers, experts, and others on an academic level.

The number of participants in this seminar is limited; an application is obligatory. Please apply until October 22, 2017 using the seminar application form. Note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Contact Person: Markus Gahler

Course Language: English

Course Material: Will be available on Digicampus

Type of Examination: Presentation, case studies/literature review, active participation (guidelines for a business presentation, team work, and academic writing)

Workload: 180 hours

In winter term 2017, the seminar takes place in cooperation with manroland web systems.


Winter Term 2017/2018

Application Deadline: October 22, 2017

First Session: October 24, 2017

Dates & Room:

  • Kick-off: October 24, 2017, 15:45h-19:00h at FW 1105
  • First discussion of case study analysis development: November 6, 2017, 13:00h-16:15h at FW 1204
  • Excursion to Augsburger Allgemeine printing plant: November 8 or 9, 2017
  • Interim presentations: December 5, 2017, 15:45h-19:00h at FW 1105
  • Second discussion of case study analysis development: January 9, 2017, 15:45h-19:00h at FW 1105
  • Final presentations: January 23, 2018, 15:45h-19:00h at manroland web systems

If necessary, additional appointments are possible.

Course Contents:

The seminar takes place in cooperation with manroland web systems GmbH (manroland-web.com). Students will develop strategies for a business-to-business e-commerce platform. Results will be presented at manroland web systems headquarter in Augsburg.