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Services Marketing: Principles (Lecture) – Bachelor BWL

After the successful participation in this module, students are able to understand essential concepts and theories of services marketing. In particular, they understand how services differ from other products; how service quality and customer satisfaction are conceptualized, measured, and managed; how to manage relationships with service customers; and how to brand services. Students are able to apply the concepts and theories to analyze simple case examples and research findings in services marketing. They can apply their knowledge on service quality and customer satisfaction to several business and research problems beyond this module. Overall, students are able to analyze and critically evaluate services marketing phenomena and to explain their ideas to experts and others.

"Services Marketing: Tutorial" is the tutorial of the lecture "Services Marketing: Principles". In the tutorial, you will review and discuss the lecture's topics. Participation in the tutorial is optional, however, we highly recommend you to participate in both the lecture and the tutorial.

Contact Person: Sonja Kralj

Course Language: English

Course Material: Will be available on Digicampus

Type of Examination: Exam (60 minutes)


Winter Term 2019/2020

First Session: October 17, 2019

Date & Room: Thursday, 10:00h-11:30h at lecture hall J 1101/1102

Course Contents:

  • Definition and relevance of services;
  • A services marketing success framework;
  • Conceptualization of service quality and customer satisfaction;
  • Managing service quality and customer satisfaction (e.g., people, physical evidence, processes);
  • Managing relationships with service customers;
  • Branding services.

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