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Requirements and procedure for letters of recommendation

Students of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze's chair, who are required to submit a letter of recommendation when applying for study places and scholarships, are welcome to contact Ms. Julia Wilhelm if they meet the following requirements.

In order to issue a recommendation, you must have completed a number of courses at Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze's chair compared to other chairs and have achieved above-average grades. In order to receive a letter of recommendation, please send us the following documents as part of your inquiry:

  •     Letter of motivation to the target university or the scholarship         provider
  •     Name of the program and corresponding link
  •     Current Studis excerpt
  •     curriculum vitae
  •     If necessary, specific instructions from the target university or the  scholarship provider regarding the preparation of the letter of recommendation

You will then receive an answer as soon as possible as to whether the recommendation can be issued. Please note that a letter of recommendation must be prepared and, if necessary, sent by post within at least four weeks. Therefore, please contact us in good time and in advance with your inquiry.