About us


The Chair of Production & Supply Chain Management belongs to the Faculty of Economics at Augsburg University. Main contents in the areas of teaching, research and practice are the topics Supply Chain Management, Production Management and Resource Management. The consequent combination of research topics with real-world problems leads to sophisticated, future-oriented and practicable methods and concepts. In projects with partners from industry and public institutions we are able to tackle new challenges with innovative solutions. This know-how is transferred to students by practice oriented teaching, based on a profound theoretical basement.

The chair is also part of a research network including university and non-university institutions. Thanks to this network we are able to present teaching and practice concepts that are beyond a single research field.


In addition to theoretical and methodological knowledge our graduates posses a broad software competence to be successful in an information society. On this account we integrate some important modeling and optimization software in our teaching, to prepare the students for everyday professional life and to enable them to create innovative solutions for most diverse problems.