The Chair of Production & Supply Chain Management is closely related to the new Research Center of Finance, Operations & Information Management. This relationships enables us developing innovative, competitive, methodological profound and sustainable solutions for real-world problems. Here, problems of the areas strategic and tactical Supply Chain Management, Production as well as Resource Management are focused.


In the area Supply Chain Management we carry out projects about Strategic Network Design and Plant Locations, Distribution and Inventory Management as well as Transport Planning. Focal points in the area Production Management are Master Planning, Capacity Planning, Lot-sizing and Machine Scheduling and also Business Process Optimization. In the area Resource Management especially topics like Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management, Urban Mining and Reverse Logistics are adressed.

To efficiently solve real-world problems different software is necessary. Therefore we use different software products, like Siemens PLM Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, SAP SCM or IBM ILOG OPL, in our projects, but also in courses and especially in research.


This integrated approach, combining teaching, research and practice, enables us to carry out projects with well-known industrial and public partners in the area of Supply Chains and to develop concepts for efficient planning and information systems, like Decision-Support-Systems.