Robust resource allocation planning

Robust resource allocation planning in special purpose machinery

Start date: 01.11.2006
End date: 31.10.2010
Duration: 11/2006-10/2010
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local head of project: Dipl.-Inf. Christian Gahm
Local scientists: Prof. Dr. Axel Tuma


Operational production planning in special purpose machinery is marked by high uncertainty, caused by information dynamics and disturbances. Against this background a planning approach for the calculation of a robust resource allocation plan will be developed. The approach comprises a concept that integrates the resource allocation planning in the hierarchical planning context, a robust planning method that takes the uncertainty by (simulation based) correction factors into account and an algorithm to solve the resulting planning problem (a hybrid-flow-shop problem with variable-intensity and preemptive operations). To apply the developed planning approach a decision-support-system that focuses usability as well as adaptability will be developed.