Practical Applications of Simulation - Basic

Title: Practical Applications of Simulation - Basic
Lecturer: Dr. Christian Gahm
Stefan Wahl
Date: see Digicampus
Building/Room: see Digicampus
Contact: Stefan Wahl


In this seminar different decision problems from the areas of production and logistics are analyzed, modelled and solved with the help of methods of Operations Research. "Tecnomatix Plant Simulation" from Siemens PLM is used to carry out the simulation studies. In addition to the solution of the actual problem, special attention is paid to the analysis of the decision-relevant information and the interpretation of the results so that decisions are made efficiently and transparently. (Processing takes place in groups.)

  • Examples of simulation studies:
    - Simulation of a call center
    - Evaluation of different priority rules for controlling the final assembly of helicopters
    - Comparison of different strategies for optimizing the traffic flow at Königsplatz, Augsburg


  • Simulation studies
    In two block sessions, the students will be given an introduction to the theoretical foundations of simulation, the execution of simulation studies and - based on a case study - an insight into the exemplary implementation with the simulation software "Plant Simulation". This is followed by the independent, approximately 3-month working time on a topic from the above areas (each supervised by a staff member of the chair). The seminar concludes with the group presentations of the results at the end of the editing time (end of the semester).

Prior knowledge of the course

Basic prerequisite for the seminar are good PC skills and the pleasure of getting familiar with a software tool. Programming skills are an advantage.
Furthermore, the lectures "Produktion und Logistik" (Production and Logistics) and "Production Management" are an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

More information:

Recommended semester: Bachelor
Field of study: see module handbook
Duration: 3 SWS
Type: S - Seminar
Semester: every summer and winter term