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Call for Papers: ECIS Track on "Personal ICT: Design Use and Impacts"

The 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019) in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a track on "Personal ICT: Design Use and Impacts". We are looking forward to high quality submissions.

The rapid diffusion of powerful technology has infused our lives with a plenitude of devices and services. With more mobile devices than people on earth and a growing number of products and services entering individuals’ private sphere, this area of digitization calls for further attention. Such personal ICT serve various purposes and range from devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart home and health trackers; services such as instant messengers and advanced personal assistants; to complex peer-to-peer ecosystems such as social networks, sharing services, and collaborative systems.

Accordingly, this track focuses on the design, use and impacts of these devices, services and complex product-service systems that are preliminary aimed at individuals in their different and varying roles as consumers, family members, friends, and citizens. This track aims at conflating perspectives on (1) the unique aspects of designing and building such ICT,(2) their impacts on individuals, organizations, and society, as well as (3) the challenges in managing them. For the benefit of individuals, firms, and society, this track seeks to gather insights that can be used to actively shape – i.e. understand, facilitate, and if necessary limit - the role of these novel technologies in individuals’ everyday lives.

The track is chaired by Dr. Manuel Trenz together with Prof. Juliana Sutanto from Lancester University and Prof. Christian Matt from the University of Bern and is supported by a committee of internationally renowned scientists. Further information and the Call for Papers can be found here. The submission deadline is the 27th November 2018.