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Project Overview

Investigating the effect of the 2005 introduced Europe-wide CO2 emissions trading and derivation of recommendations for industrial and political decision makers by modeling a electricity market using multi-agent-based simulation and agent-based computational economics.


Supporting Institution

VolkswagenStiftung (precisely: Nachwuchsförderprogramm der VolkswagenStiftung)



Central Publications

Veit, D., Weidlich, A., and Krafft, J. A. 2009. “An Agent-Based Analysis of the German Electricity Market with Transmission Capacity Constraints,” Energy Policy (37:10), pp. 4132–4144. [Download]

Weidlich, A., and Veit, D. 2008. “Agent-Based Simulations for Electricity Market Regulation Advice: Procedures and an Example,” Journal of Economics and Statistics (228:2-3), pp. 149–172. [Download]

Weidlich, A., and Veit, D. 2008. “A Critical Survey of Agent-Based Wholesale Electricity Market Models,” Energy Economics (30:4), pp. 1728–1759. [Download]

Veit, D., Weidlich, A., Yao, J., and Oren, S. 2006. “Simulating the Dynamics in Two-Settlement Electricity Markets via an Agent-Based Approach,” International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management (1:2), pp. 83–97. [Download]