Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Digital Government Management

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit
Date: Block course, see Table
Building/Room: J / 2102


Digital Government Management comprises the purposeful use of information and communication technology in particular the internet to transform the relationship between government and society. The goal is to transform the relationship in such a way that government is perceived as more responsive, accessible, transparent, responsible, participatory, efficient and effective than before.

Overall learning outcomes DGpicture

  • Understand the implications of the internet for government and society
  • Get a deep insight into the concept and opportunities of digital democracy
  • Understand the challenges of moving public services online


Time schedule

Time 14.01.2013 15.01.2013 16.01.2013 21.01.2013 22.01.2013 23.01.2013
10:00-11:30 Session 1     Session 8    
12:15-13:45 Session 2 Session 4 Session 6 Session 9 Session 11 Session 13
14:00-15:30 Session 3 Session 5 Session 7 Session 10 Session 12 Session 14

Course syllabus

Session 1 Introduction to Digital Government
Session 2 Impact of Digital Government (1)
Session 3 Impact of Digital Government (2)
Session 4 Digital Divide
Session 5 Legal Boundaries of Digital Public Services
Session 6 Online One-Stop Government
Session 7 Interoperability
Session 8 Open Government
Session 9 Public E-Procurement
Session 10 E-Voting
Session 11 E-Participation
Session 12 Buffer for open discussion
Session 13 Lesson Learned and Outlook
Session 14 Guest Lecture: Dr. Rainer Bernnat (Booz & Company)

More information:

Recommended semester: ab dem 4. Semester
Field of study: Bachelor
Start: 14.01.2013
Duration: 2 SWS
Type: V - Vorlesung
Credit points: 4
Area: Bachelor iBWL/iVWL und Bachelor GBM in die Cluster L&I; F&I; S&I sowie Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik in DWI 2a 0&IM; Diplom iBWL/iVWL und Diplom BWL/VWL in die Cluster L&I; F&I; S&I
Examination: Klausur
Semester: WS 2012/13