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Seminar: Project Management in Practice

Lecturer: Dr. Rainer Bernnat
Date: Blocked course: 05.10.-09.10.2015, 10.00 am-5.15 pm
Building/Room: 5.10-7.10.: HS 1004; 8.10.-9.10.: FW 1101/02
Contact: Dr. Rainer Bernnat
Registration: Application period: 25.08.-04.10.2015
The number of participants is limited to 70


This module communicates the fundamentals of project management. Upon the successful completion of this module, students gain a fundamental understanding of the principles of project management. Furthermore, students will learn how to apply the knowledge for completing the project work within the scope of the GBM program to increase goal orientation and efficiency. Students will be introduced with the adequate selection of basic tools and methods in project planning, implementation and the development of quantitative foundations in the form of business cases. The course content is closely linked with examples of project management practices in order to demonstrate the benefits but also risks involved in using methods and instruments.


  • Objectives in Project Management
  • Project Planning (Capacity Planning, Milestone Planning, Profit Planning)
  • Project Management certifications and standards
  • Project Management tools and methods
  • Project Organization and Governance
  • Best Practice and Lessons Learned
  • Development of a quantitative and qualitative business case
  • Cultural aspects in different industries
  • Project Management the public sector and in the non-for-profit area
  • Qualifications/profiles from successful Project Manager

Previous knowledge:

Language: German

Assured handling of presentation software, sophisticated writing skills, communication skills.



Individual readings are assigned during the seminar.


Please apply during the given application period via Digicampus.

Lecturing material

The lecturing material is available via Digicampus.

More information:

Recommended semester: 1st semester and above
Field of study: Bachelor
Duration: 3 SWS
Type: S - Seminar
Credit points: 5 ECTS
Area: GBM (2010/2013): Projects
Examination: Presentation / term paper
Exam offered: every winter term
Semester: every winter term