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International Courses

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers serveral courses taught in English. We are continuously extending our portfolio, therefore get back regularly.

Bachelor level

The regular lectures on Bachelor level are listed in the following table.

ID Chair Course ECTS Term
WIW-10003BrunnerIntroduction to Operations Management 5winter/summer
WIW-4708BrunnerProject Management 5winter
WIW-0347BrunnerService Management 5winter
WIW-0289BrunnerService Operations 5summer
WIW-INTERNBrunnerSimulation in Service Operations Management 5winter/summer
WIW-10007Heer The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets 5winter
WIW-0302HeerInternational Monetary Economics 5winter
WIW-INTERNHeerIntroduction to Public Economics 5summer
WIW-0338PaulServices Marketing: Principles (5 LP) 5winter
WIW-INTERNSchultzeInternational Accounting Seminar 5summer
WIW-0271UllmannInternational Taxation 5summer
WIW-4723VeitDigital Government Management 5summer
WIW-0262VeitElectronic Commerce 5winter
WIW-INTERNVeitInformation Systems and Business Modeling 5winter
WIW-0007VeitManagement Information Systems 5winter
WIW-0269WagnerInternational Entrepreneurship 5summer
WIW-4707WarningInternational Business and Economics 5winter
WIW-4725WelzelInternational Trade 5summer
WIW-10001WilkensCorporate Finance II: Portfolio Choice and Capital Structure 5summer

Courses with limitation (click to unfold)
An application to attend is necessary. Please check the module manual and chair homepage about the application process.
ID Chair Course ECTS Term
WIW-INTERNBrunnerBusiness Analytics in Service Operations Management 5winter/summer
WIW-0355BrunnerCases in Business Analytics 5winter/summer
WIW-0303BrunnerCases in Simulation 5winter/summer
WIW-0157BrunnerModeling and Optimization in Service Operations Management 6winter/summer
WIW-INTERNBrunnerModeling and Optimization in Service Operations Management 5winter/summer
WIW-0230BrunnerSimulation in Service Operations Management 6winter/summer
WIW-4701HeerMacroeconomics 5summer
WIW-0326LehmannSummer School on Global Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Interaction I (5 LP) 5summer
WIW-INTERNMichaelisSeminar in Environmental and Resource Economics 5summer
WIW-0343PaulIndustrial Services Management 5summer
WIW-4994PaulIndustry Analysis 5summer
WIW-0344PaulInternational Marketing 5summer
WIW-4721PaulNew Media Marketing: Principles 5summer
WIW-0226PaulNew Media Marketing: Research (Bachelor) 6winter
WIW-0217PaulServices Marketing: Research (Bachelor) 6summer
WIW-INTERNPaulServices Marketing: Research (Bachelor) 5summer
WIW-INTERNPaulServices Marketing: Research (Bachelor) 5summer
WIW-4706SchultzeIntercultural Management 5winter/summer
WIW-0268SchultzeInternational Accounting 5summer
WIW-0178SchultzeInternational Accounting Seminar 6summer
WIW-0335VeitDigital Transformation Research 6winter/summer
WIW-INTERNVeitDigital Transformation Research (5 LP) 5winter/summer
WIW-0215VeitIT Innovation Research 6winter/summer
WIW-INTERNVeitIT Innovation Research (5 LP) 5winter/summer
WIW-0214VeitOnline User Behavior Research 6summer
WIW-INTERNVeitOnline User Behavior Research (5 LP) 5summer
WIW-0235WagnerBachelor Seminar Innovation & International Management (English) 6summer
WIW-INTERNWagnerSeminar: Strategy & Information (Bachelor Seminar Innovation & Int. Management (English)) 5winter/summer
WIW-0213WarningTopics in Global Business 6summer
WIW-INTERNWarningTopics in Global Business 5summer

Bachelor Courses offered in English (PDF)

Master level

The regular lectures on Master level are listed in the following table.

ID Chair Course ECTS Term
WIW-5089BrunnerHealth Care Operations Management 6summer
WIW-5101BrunnerInteger Programming 6summer
WIW-5096BrunnerPerformance Analysis of Stochastic Systems 6winter
WIW-9702LehmannStudies Abroad 6winter/summer
WIW-5155MaußnerComputational Macroeconomics II 6summer
WIW-5102MeierAdvanced Management Support 6summer
WIW-5020OkhrinQuantitative Methods in Finance 6summer
WIW-5138PaulAdvanced Services Marketing 6winter
WIW-5241PaulMarketing Strategy and Intellectual Property 6winter
WIW-5246TumaIndustrial Ecology 6summer
WIW-5093VeitGlobal E-Business and Electronic Markets 6summer
WIW-5200WagnerManagement: Innovation and International Business 6summer
WIW-5058WilkensInvestment Funds 6summer
WIW-5061WilkensModern Asset Management: Principles and Application 3summer

Courses with limitation (click to unfold)
An application to attend is necessary. Please check the module manual and chair homepage about the application process.
ID Chair Course ECTS Term
WIW-5099BrunnerAdvanced Topics in Modeling and Optimization 6winter
WIW-5240BrunnerAdvanced Topics in Simulation 6summer
WIW-5243BrunnerMachine Learning in Health Care 6summer
WIW-5090BrunnerSeminar Health Care Operations Management 6winter/summer
WIW-5137LehmannCorporate Governance: Concepts 6summer
WIW-5115LehmannCorporate Governance: Research 6winter/summer
WIW-5235LehmannStrategic Leadership 6winter
WIW-5147LehmannSummer School on Global Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Interaction II 6summer
WIW-5011MeierSeminar Advanced Business Intelligence 6winter
WIW-5160NuschelerHealth Economics 6summer
WIW-5135PaulAdvanced Value Based Marketing 6summer
WIW-5134PaulNew Media Marketing: Case Studies 6summer
WIW-5124PaulNew Media Marketing: Research (Master) 6winter
WIW-5123PaulServices Marketing: Case Studies 6winter
WIW-5136PaulServices Marketing: Research (Master) 6summer
WIW-5040SchultzeTransfer Pricing 6summer
WIW-5211UllmannMaster Seminar in Taxation II 6winter/summer
WIW-5016VeitAdvanced Management Information Systems 6winter
WIW-5197VeitDigital Entrepreneurship 6summer
WIW-5094VeitInformation Systems Research 6winter/summer
WIW-5202WagnerManagement: Research (English) 6summer
WIW-5062WilkensSeminar Advanced Topics in Investment Funds 6summer

Master Courses offered in English (PDF)

Language courses

The University of Augsburg offers several language courses that you can find here.

International courses at university level

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Module Manuals

The full offer of all courses can be found in the corresponding module manual (german).


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