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Course Details

Prof. Lehmann

Cases in Strategic Management II: Smart Region Development

Lecturer: Dominik Wilhelm
Type: Lecture
Exam: Seminar paper
Term: Winter
Level: Bachelor
Limitation: None

This course focuses on some of the important current issues of regions in terms of strategic management. Where in the private sector good strategic management is often well governed, in the non-private sector good strategic management sometimes is undeveloped or even missing. Especially, when it comes to strategic management of places, policy makers in cities, regions or states are asking for strategic management consulting to improve the performance of a place. In the case study seminar, students jump in the role of policy makers/policy consultants (?strategic managers of places?) and use strategic management tools to analyze regional performance and improve current policies. All case studies are focusing on specific German regions. Besides improving strategic management skills, participants will also learn more about the structural uniqueness of Germany in terms of economy, culture, and politics - the ?Seven Secrets of Germany?.

For further information or application procedure please check the module manual and the website of the chair.