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Course Details

Prof. Lehmann

Cases in Strategic Management I: Principles

Lecturer: Dominik Wilhelm
Type: Lecture
Exam: Seminar paper
Term: Summer
Level: Bachelor
Limitation: None

This course focuses on some of the important current issues of organizations in terms of strategic man-agement. It will concentrate on modern management theories and concepts, e.g. business models concept, as well as more established, fundamental analytical approaches. Students will also learn about potential strategic positions for organizations, scanning, monitoring and analyzing industries/markets for signs of strategic shifts. As an excursus-part of the course students also learn about basics corporate governance (CG) mechanisms and management errors (e.g. management biases) and how to improve strategic decision making by taking CG into account. The seminar is consciously designed to apply stra-tegic frameworks and tools not only on organizations from the private but also from the public sector. This orientation highlights in different ways the significant emerging trends in strategic management.

For further information or application procedure please check the module manual and the website of the chair.