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Course Details

Prof. Lehmann

Research Seminar: Strategic Management of Places & Public Policies in Europe

Lecturer: Dominik Wilhelm
Type: Seminar
Exam: Seminar Paper
Term: Summer
Level: Master
Limitation: None

Political interventions within the market are omnipresent in every part of Europe. The economic rationale justifying public policy and corresponding political interventions is considered as the failure of market participants to allocate scarce local resources efficiently. The European Union with its different institutions sets guidelines, which do effect national and regional policy makers. This Seminar will focus on research about European Policies in areas like jobs and growth, energy and environment, macroeconomics and finance, trade and investment as well as research and innovation and their effects on specific regions and their local economy. Based on quantitative analyses of a specific region, the Strategic Management of Places Framework will be applied to investigate the economic cases throughout Europe and discuss potential public policy solutions.

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