Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Course Details

Prof. Maussner

Computational Macroeconomics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Alfred Mauner
Type: Lecture
Exam: Written assignment
Term: Summer
Level: Master
Limitation: None

This course deals with the determinants of economic growth, the causes of business cycles and the distribution of income and wealth. The standard tool concerning the analysis of these questions is the Ramsey model. In this model consumer demand and labor supply are the result of an inter-temporal decision-making problem and are coordinated with the plans of the firms through markets. Therefore it is a dynamic general equilibrium model, which commonly is too complex to allow for a simple analytical solution. Hence the analysis of the model is often based on computer simulations. In the first part of the course the student is presented the basic knowledge for approximate solutions of models with the help of computer algorithms. The students are told how to compute and analyze their own dynamic general equilibrium models. The second part of the course concentrates on the introduction of models, which allow the analysis of a variety of questions from the area of business cycles, labor markets, monetary policy and international macroeconomics. In this part the student should further improve the methodological knowledge learned before as well as get an overview over the current topics in macroeconomic research.

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