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Course Details

Prof. Wilkens

Investment Funds

Lecturer: Hendrik Tentesch
Type: Vorlesung
Exam: written examination
Term: summer
Level: Master
Limitation: None

After passing this course students know the most important theoretic and practical aspects of investment funds. They are familiar with state-of-the-art methods of performance analysis of investment funds and know how to use them in order to assess different performance components separately (timing and selection). Further, students know the economic relations influencing performance. They are able to identify typical biases in performance measurement. They acquire a deep understanding of the properties and characteristics of different fund types such as mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds and ETFs. Moreover, students know and understand the regulatory environment in which investment funds operate. The course is therefore most important for students who want to work in the investment industry or for the related regulatory entities. It is also important for students who invest in investment funds. Because many of the theoretic basics are applicable to other areas of finance, the course is also important for all students aspiring to work in the financial industry in general.

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