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Course Details

Prof. Wilkens

Modern Asset Management: Principles and Application

Lecturer: Hendrik Tentesch
Type: Vorlesung
Exam: written examination
Term: summer
Level: Master
Limitation: None

After passing this course the students have a profound knowledge of various aspects in the field of asset management. The students get in touch with traditional asset class products as fixed income products and stocks, but also with modern products, for instance, commodities and hedge funds. Main target of this class will be to provide the student with fundamental knowledge of portfolio optimization. This will be done in theory, students will be able to apply the quantitative methods in case studies and exercises. Finally, students will have the chance to learn about modern portfolio optimization. The course is essential to all students who want to work in the field of asset management. Due to the broad field of applications of the taught contents, this course is as well recommendable to students who plan their personal career in finance in general.

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