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Course Details

Prof. Paul

New Media Marketing: Principles

Lecturer: Markus Gahler
Type: Vorlesung
Exam: written examination
Term: summer
Level: Bachelor
Limitation: An application to attend is necessary.

After the successful participation in this module, students are able to understand essential concepts and theories of new media marketing. In particular, they understand how new media differ from traditional media; by which concepts and theories new media phenomena can be explained; which challenges, opportunities, and communication formats exist in the era of new media; and how to manage multichannel companies. Students are able to apply the concepts and theories to analyze simple case examples and research findings in new media marketing. They can apply their knowledge on new media marketing to several business and research problems beyond this module. Overall, students are able to analyze and critically evaluate new media marketing phenomena and to explain their ideas to experts and others.

For further information or application procedure please check the module manual and the website of the chair.