Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Course Details

Prof. Heer

Introduction to Public Economics

Lecturer: Alexander Lerf
Type: Vorlesung und Übung
Exam: written examination
Term: summer
Level: Bachelor
Limitation: None

The course aims to give an overview of topics in public economics. Starting with the basic principles of welfare economics the syllabus will impart the knowledge to analyze allocative efficiency. Furthermore the course will discuss causes for market failures and policy implications to counteract such market failures. Besides externalities and natural monopolies, the implications and characteristics of public goods will be discussed. Additionally there will be an introduction to public choice theory, including concepts of game theory. After the public sectors' income and spending there will be a positive and normative examination of the size of the public sector. Subsequently there will be an introduction to topics of taxation. The course concludes with examples of public influence and policies regarding the distributions of wealth and income in some modern economies.

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