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Course Details

Prof. Michaelis

Seminar in Environmental and Resource Economics

Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Ziesemer
Type: Seminar
Exam: written assignment and oral examination
Term: summer
Level: Bachelor
Limitation: An application to attend is necessary.

After completing this module successfully students will be able to discuss topics in environmental and resource economics by writing and presenting a paper that is based on a sound theoretical foundation. In addition to gaining subject-specific knowledge the central aim of this seminar is to discuss a given topic critically. To do so students identify elementary literature and use it to develop their own logical argumentation. Furthermore, students intensify their ability to phrase a text in a precise, comprehensible and fluent manner. The results of the papers shall enable students to critically deal with arguments generated in the political, economic and scientific field. Moreover, students understand the effects of restrictive model assumptions on formulating political guidance and are able to assess these against the background of environmental goals.

For further information or application procedure please check the module manual and the website of the chair.