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Augsburg offers a rich environment for experiencing a large variety of cultural, social, and academic events, in a both local and international dimension. There are many opportunities for social, leisure, and sport activities next to the dynamic life at the university campus.

The experience of our exchange students is best described with their own words:


mx Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

"The seasons may change but the memories in Augsburg will remain."
(Enid Quiroga-Cobos, summer term 2018)



tr Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey  

"Such a great welcoming city and university that makes you already starting to plan to moving there for the rest of your life." 
(Mehmet Atlihan, summer term 2018)



us Indiana University Bloomington, USA

One course that I took that made an impact on me was a Topics in Global Business course. In this seminar course, I truly got to experience the difference between US and German higher education. This course required students to be very self-reliant. There were only approximately 5 lectures, and the rest of the semester you were supposed to just conduct independent research and write your paper during your own planned time.

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Augsburg Campus