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Faculty of Business and Economics

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Business and Economics. With over 4,000 students and almost 200 full-time faculty staff accompanied by around 50 adjunct, we are one of the largest faculties at the University of Augsburg. We are proud to provide highest educational standards while constantly striving to improve.

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The University of Augsburg is a fast growing top campus university in the heart of Europe engaging in all major fields in social and nature sciences. With the newly founded Faculty of Medicine resulting in significant additional third party funding, the University of Augsburg strengthens Augsburg’s position as a regional and national centre between Ulm and Munich and provides an excellent environment for students to pursue a renowned education and follow a career path that leaves a mark in the world.

Embedded in the beautiful nature campus lies the Faculty of Business and Economics, the second largest department by subject of the University of Augsburg and one of the top five largest business faculties nationwide. It comprises around 4,000 students and almost 200 full-time faculty members. With the goal to provide higher education to many skilled students, the focus on regional support mixed with being attractive to national and international students makes the Faculty of Business and Economics a gathering point of many talented students that participate in shaping the Augsburg region to have an ever-growing positive impact on the people living there. The constantly high quality of studying business and economics in Augsburg is confirmed for example by Germany’s largest university ranking of the Centre of Higher Education (CHE) in Gütersloh.

Augsburg is known for hosting carefully designed study programs that go beyond the regular programs, which are of course part of the standard portfolio offered. The Faculty of Business and Economics follows that tradition as well and has for example with Finance Information Management (FIM) and Global Business Management (GBM) its own excelling study programs built around special qualifications for the future economic leaders of our society. While FIM is a cooperation with the Technical University Munich and the University of Bayreuth, it carries the official tag “Elite” with pride and is awarded with top scores in said CHE ranking. FIBAA, the renowned European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education accredit all study programs of Augsburg’s Faculty of Business and Economics. In 2015, the GBM Bachelor program was the first and until then only study program that received FIBAA’s Premium Seal for outstanding quality in academics and teaching.

The Faculty of Business and Economics stretches its efforts to excel well beyond teaching and provides a fruitful environment for the best researchers nationwide. The Faculty is home to many successful scientists with acknowledged excellent research performance, reaching up to the top five best German researchers in the respected German “Handelsblatt” ranking. Additionally, the constant strive for interdisciplinary research, for example by creating a strong link to the new-founded Faculty of Medicine, gives Augsburg’s Faculty of Business and Economics a more and more leading role in the university’s scientific renown, as well as in its academic growth.