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Why GBM?

Why Global Business Management?

Germany is proud to present itself as world class when it comes to soccer, team handball, cars as well as exports. Behind every success is endeavor. Behind endeavor, ability. Behind ability, people with knowledge and skills. People willing to heavily invest into their knowledge and skills to compete in increasingly complex and interdependent markets.




 Both in sports and in managerial decision making, committed and highly qualified people are needed. Such individuals perceive international challenges as opportunities and not as threats. The new program "Global Business Management" is designed for students who think outside the box and strive for excellence in taking on the challenges of a global economy. The theme of the program pinpoints its core goals: "Face the challenges of a globalized world and broaden your perspectives". This program is the perfect choice for students who strive for a secure and fast job entry as well as for a higher-than-average salary. It represents a step stone to access the broad variety of different activities in international management. On top of it: you are studying at one of the most beautiful universities in the heart of the economic region of Bavaria.

The Global Business Management experience

During the Global Business Management program of study you attain a wide range of analytical tools, methods, and intercultural skills. The focus is on providing an education that covers both a well-established theoretical training and hands-on experience. The program is limited to approximately 50 students per year. It is aimed at qualifying our students to become highly skilled, respected experts in international affairs and at preparing them to face international challenges.
During the first 3 semesters the curriculum is designed to introduce students to the various areas of business studies and economics. At the same time, an integrated foreign language education prepares our students for future international careers.
The second part of the curriculum is characterized by the convergence of theory and practice. Topics include for example "International Business" or "International Economics" containing courses in optimal location search, international competition, or strategic management.
Another heart of the GBM experience is a strong focus on leadership development and social responsibility. Leadership courses such as "Business Ethics" complement the curriculum with valuable insights and prepare students to develop sustainable leadership abilities. 
During an exchange semester (provided by the university) or an internship abroad you will immerse yourself in a country of your choice to thoroughly experience its business climate as well as culture, language, and habits. After finishing your studies you will be honored "Bachelor of Science" - your fast track for an international career or further studies.