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Studying in Augsburg



Your Start in Augsburg

Here at Augsburg we understand that settling into your new way of life as a university student in a foreign country will involve change and excitement, but it also might be quite challenging. Later-year students will help you getting started with a variety of activities.Every single new student gets a buddy, a later-year student, close to his side. Getting a buddy is a good choice when you are new in town. It's especially valuable if you don't know many people here in Augsburg. Buddies have a rich knowledge and valuable experiences to share, so please make the most of their experience to help you in the first weeks after your arrival in Germany.




Boredom won't stand a chance here in Augsburg. Plenty of exciting activities are organized for GBM students on a regular basis. Cultural excursions, e.g. to the Oktoberfest, sportive activities, or just having barbecue together will help you to build friendships for a lifetime and getting to know the German culture.

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Charming Campus

    The University of Augsburg campus is one of the most congenial places to study in Germany. Situated near the city centre of Augsburg, the campus is spacious without being overwhelming. The modern buildings, functional and yet architecturally appealing, blend into a landscaped park with grassy areas, a lake, fountains and several sculptures by contemporary artists.

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augsburg_2_klein    The concentration of the academic buildings on one site simplifies the day-to-day working of the university while encouraging communication. Faculties, cafeterias, bars, and the libraries are all conveniently      close together. This is a place where people study, teach, carry out research, and live. There is a sense of what university really means: a sense of community, cooperation and solidarity between the      lecturers and the researchers on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the students who benefit from the research through the teaching they receive.



Foreign academics and students are warmly welcomed to study in Augsburg and are offered professional advice about their stay. An office has been set up to answer all their questions, which they can consult before leaving their home country or upon arrival in Augsburg. This office deals with everything relating to residency permits and the practicalities of life in Germany. If required, they can even arrange an airport transfer from Munich Airport to Augsburg