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Slides of the Cluster Info Event (Bachelor Business Administration)

Slides of the Cluster Info Event (Bachelor iBWL)

Slides of the Cluster Info Event (Master Business Administration)

Welcome to the website of the Cluster Strategy & Information!

The cluster Strategy & Information focuses on people and their decisions as success factors for companies in teaching and research. The goal of strategic management is to ensure the sustainable economic success of companies.

The economic world differentiates between two different roles of human beings, the organizational participant and the customer. As an organizational participant, the individual is part of a structure that is characterized by the interdependencies between different actors. To ensure that the organizational participants act in accordance with the corporate goals, knowledge and understanding of concepts of corporate management, organizational development, innovation and human resource management are of enormous importance.

However, a company's potential for success is only given if demand is brought together with the organization’s offer. Therefore, organizations need to understand the needs of their customers and how to address them with their marketing activities. Thus, the S&I cluster also deals with market research and marketing strategies. The availability of information in the right form at the right time is a decisive competitive factor for decision-making within the organization and for dealing with customers. That’s why the Strategy & Information cluster also focuses on information management.