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If you have no or little prior experience with programming in either Gauss or Matlab, I would advise you to start with the video tutorial to the program ‘Ch3_olg_dyn1’ and subsequently invoke the video on ‘Ch3_turnpike’. In order to learn the most from the videos, download the teaching slides and the computer code of the chapters from my web page before you play it. Store all Gauss or Matlab codes of each chapter in a separate directory, start Gauss or Matlab and load the respective program into the editor prior to the start. It would also be helpful if you have read through the material provided in the respective chapters of the book.



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Lecture Video



Chapter 3:
Ch3_olg_dyn1 Youtube Youtube
Ch3_turnpike Youtube Youtube
Chapter 5:
5.3 Labor Income Taxation
Excess Burden Partial Equilibrium Youtube Youtube
General Equilibrium
5.4 Capital Income Taxation Youtube Youtube
Chapter 6:
Ch6_social_security1 Youtube Youtube
Extra Material: 
Laffer Curve in OLG Models Youtube Youtube Youtube
Computer code Computer code
Slides Slides
Manuscript Manuscript