Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Computational Macroeconomics II

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Maußner
Date: see timetable
Building/Room: see timetable


This course introduces into the field of endogenous growth theory that studies the determinants of the growth rate of output in the framework of dynamic general equilibrium models. We will deal with simple AK-models, the Lucas-Uzawa model of human capital accumulation as well as with models of expanding product variety and models of improving product quality. Knowledge of the methods and models presented in the course Advanced Macroeconomics is assumed.


  1. Principles
    1. Stylized Facts on Growth Processes
    2. Neo-Classical Growth Models
  2. Technological Progress in One-Sector Models
    1. Marginal Productivity of Capital in the Solow Model
    2. The AK Technology
    3. Dynamic Properties of AK Models
  3. Human Capital Accumulation
    1. Two-Sector Growth Models
    2. The Lucas-Uzawa Model
  4. Divison of Work and Quality Progress
    1. Three-Sector Growth Models
    2. Growing Variety of Products
    3. Quality Progress and Discrete Growth
    4. Quality Progress and Continous Growth


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McCandless, George, The ABCs of RBCs, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA 2008

More information:

Recommended semester: Master
Field of study: Master iBWL; Master EPP; Master GBM; Master DFM
Duration: 2 SWS
Type: V - Vorlesung
Semester: every summer term