Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Advanced Macroeconomics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Maußner
Date: see timetable
Building/Room: see timetable


The course covers the neoclassical models of capital accumulation by Solow, Ramsey and Diamond and contrasts their implications to the empirics of economic growth. Basic knowledge of production and household theory is assumed.


  1. Conceptual and methodological foundations
    1. Questions
    2. Time concept
    3. Neoclassical production function
  2. The Solow Model
    1. Description
    2. The dynamics of capital accumulation
    3. Empirical plausibility
  3. The inter-generation contract model
    1. Description
    2. Saving function
    3. The dynamics of capital accumulation
    4. Dynamic efficiency
    5. Statutory pension ensurance
  4. The Ramsey model
    1. Planning problem
    2. The dynamics of capital accumulation
    3. Markets and decentralized solutions
    4. Ricardian equivalence
    5. The super-neutrality of money


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More information:

Recommended semester: Bachelor
Field of study: Bach. iBWL/iVWL: Cluster E&I (PO 2008); Diplom iBWL/iVWL: Cluster E&I (PO 2005); Bach. GBM: Cluster E&I (PO 2008); Bach. VWL Nebenf. (Phil.-Hist.)
Duration: 2 SWS
Type: V - Vorlesung
Semester: every summer term