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Getting to know Augsburg

“The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error.” - Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo

Berthold Brecht, one of the most famous German authors and playwrights with international reputation, was born in Augsburg. Brecht’s works, for example Life of Galileo or The Threepenny Opera, have left their permanent mark not only on literary history in general but also on almost every German student as they are an important part of their school life. This is just one example how Augsburg finds its way into the (everyday) life of Germans – already starting in the early childhood thanks to the ‘Augsburger Puppenkiste’, a famous marionette theatre which is regularly broadcasted on German television.

Even in adulthood Germans are accompanied by Augsburg and its products day by day: When reading the newspaper in the morning, chances are that they are holding paper produced by the large paper mill of UPM, located in Augsburg. Whilst booting up their computers at work, they could be pressing the button of a computer manufactured at the Fujitsu factory in Augsburg. After work, they most likely enjoy a tasty beer produced in one of seven traditional breweries of Augsburg. To get home, they might drive a diesel-engined car whose engine was invented in Augsburg at the end of the 19th century by Rudolf Diesel. The prototype of the diesel engine is exhibited in the MAN-Museum in Augsburg. And finally, when they arrive home late at night a bulb produced by OSRAM in Augsburg will probably light up their way.

                                                                                 ©N. Zbiegly

Numerous internationally renowned firms as MAN, KUKA-Robotics, Patrizia Immobilien or MT Aerospace as well as a great number of “Mittelstand” firms such as Riegele or Dr. Grandel are located in Augsburg and contribute to the economic strength of Bavaria. The metropolitan area of Augsburg currently has a population of about one million inhabitants and Augsburg itself is the third largest city of Bavaria with about 300,000 citizens. Augsburg was founded by roman emperor Augustus and is over 2000 years old. Being the third oldest city of Germany, it offers a vast variety of historical buildings as well as cultural institutions. Examples are the famous Fuggerei (the oldest still existing social settlement in the world), the Augsburg Cathedral and the Perlachturm.

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