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Theater Augsburg

The theater at the Kennedy Square is the heart of cultural live in Augsburg. Its history reaches from the construction during the Renaissance era to the reconstruction in the 1950s up to today's modern theater with sophisticated stage equipment. In addition to the big house, the theater Augsburg has three other venues: the open-air stage, the Brecht stage and the Hoffmannkeller.

For more information, please visit: http://www.theater-augsburg.de/



Augsburger Puppenkiste

The Augsburger Puppenkiste is a marionette theater in Augsburg. It gained nationwide prominence with productions, such as “Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer” and “Urmel aus dem Eis”.

It is located at the former Heilig-Geist-Spital in the historic center of Augsburg. Since 1948, the Augsburger Puppenkiste has been producing theatrical adaptations of fairy tales and serious plays. In 1953, it began producing television series. The name Puppenkiste (puppet box or puppet chest) goes back to the founder of the theater, Walter Oehmichen. When his first puppet theater was destroyed in a fire, he wanted to create a new one which was easily transportable. He came up with the idea of a wooden transport box, in which he stored all of his puppets and the actual puppet theater. Since 2001, the Puppenkiste also hosts a museum displaying the most famous marionettes and special exhibitions dedicated to specific topics changing every four months.

puppenkistePuppenkiste. Quelle: S. Kerpf/Stadt Augsburg

For more information, please visit: http://www.augsburger-puppenkiste.de/



FC Augsburg

Football fans can enjoy games of the FC Augsburg in the WWK Arena. The team plays in Germany’s highest football league, the Bundesliga (federal league of Germany).

For more information, please visit: http://www.fcaugsburg.de/



Augsburger Panther

Augsburg has a long-standing tradition of ice hockey. The Augsburg Panther, a team in the first German ice hockey league, plays in the Curt Frenzel stadium.

For more information, please visit: http://www.aev-panther.de/start.html