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Papers can be submitted for consideration in one of two tracks: Plenary Session Submissions or Concurrent Session Submissions.

Plenary Session Submissions:

  • Plenary papers can be submitted for consideration for the Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) and/or Accounting, Organizations and Society (AOS).
  • All papers will receive a thorough written review.
  • Accepted Plenary Session papers designated for JIAR will be published in the Journal of International Accounting Research (conditional on satisfactory responses to reviewers' and discussant's comments).
  • Accepted papers for the AOS track may require further substantive review. While there is an expectation they will be published in AOS, there will be no guarantee of this.
  • Travel expenses (transportation, accommodation) of presenters of plenary papers will be covered up to an amount of 1500 USD for one person, depending on need. Additional funds may be available if persons are at financially disadvantaged institutions. Persons from FT top 50 and US News and World Report top graduate accounting institutions will be encouraged to waive this reimbursement so we may provide more funds to persons from disadvantaged institutions.

To submit a plenary paper, please follow the regular submission procedure for JIAR outlined at: http://aaahq.org/Research/AAA-Journals/Section-Journal-Home-Pages/Journal-of-International-Accounting-Research. In addition please indicate your journal preferences via email to wpc@wiwi.uni-augsburg.de.

Concurrent Session Submissions:

Papers submitted to the Concurrent Session will be considered for presentation at the conference but not for publication in the Journal of International Accounting Research. Submission should be directed via email to wpc@wiwi.uni-augsburg.de.


Submission Deadline: January 10, 2016

Please note that a maximum of one hundred participants including presenters and discussants will be accepted to the conference.